We deliver your life stories in time capsules

Give your loved ones a way to hold onto your memories

It’s your story,
tell it your way

Don’t let others tell your story. Project your legacy forward and stay connected to the next generation. You leaving doesn’t mean your grandchild can’t meet you in the future.

Don’t let them
forget your laugh.

Many things disappear forever after you are gone, like your laugh, the way you walk, and your voice. Capture these emotional valuables in videos, digital photos, and digital documents.

Be there when it
matters most.

Be there for the birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other major life milestones even when you can’t be there in person. 


Legacy Lantern makes it possible for me to store my memories in a way that I can share them with family and loved ones forever. I want my family to know how much these stories mean to me even after I’m gone.

Mike C.

Highlands Ranch, CO

As a father with young children, I love having the ability to capture these keystone moments in their lives to easily share with them as they get older. I like knowing that they always have a way to remember me if something ever happens.

Chris M.

Denver, CO

I think this is a great tool to provide to my parents so that our family can benefit from their collective wisdom and enjoy memories of them no matter what the future holds. It’s like them giving a gift to our entire family.

Kevin S.

Denver, CO

Leave nothing unsaid with
Legacy Lantern’s Time Capsules