Securely preserving your emotional valuables. Guaranteed.

Close relationships with loved ones are priceless.

Preserving those relationships, and the memories that make them special, can now be easily captured and passed on to future generations with our digital time capsule.

Effortlessly store and share your emotional valuables!
What are Emotional Valuables?

Emotional valuables are your life lessons, stories, adventures, personal values, family history, traditions, and other private messages you want preserved and passed on.

Why preserve them?

Your story matters to the special people in your life. Preserving your story gives your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy and learn from your life and legacy.

It’s This Easy…

Step 1. Create a digital time capsule
Step 2. Save your stories, images and videos
Step 3. Schedule delivery to your loved ones

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Only pay for the month it takes to create your time capsule!


Only $39/month after if you need more time! Includes unlimited time capsules.


Leave nothing unsaid with Legacy Lantern’s Time Capsules.