The Legacy Lantern Story

Years ago, cancer took my mother. To this day, I miss her dearly. But, at some point after the worst of the grieving process had passed, I forgot the sound of her voice. I had pictures and mementos that I’d hold onto forever, but I couldn’t hear her voice. It kept me up at night knowing that I would never get certain pieces of her memory back.

In 2017, doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on with three large lumps in my neck. My family’s history with cancer had me terrified and thinking constantly about what I was leaving behind for my children. And I wasn’t thinking about money or assets, I was thinking about emotional valuables. What memory of me would my kids be able to hold onto? Have I taught them what they need to know? How long will they remember my voice?

I started writing things down: stories, lessons, bits of family history that I wanted my kids to know about. It didn’t take long for me to realize that scraps of paper, just like the memories themselves, tend to get lost in the shuffle. I needed a way to safeguard these messages and deliver them when the time was right.

So, I created Legacy Lantern as a place to store my most cherished emotional valuables and memories. Creating capsules for my loved ones brought me peace of mind knowing that, even in this small way, I could be part of their lives for the moments I knew they would need me most.

I’m sharing this tool with the world because I believe in the value of legacy and learning from those that came before us. Legacy Lantern is here to protect the best bits of life that you hold closest to your heart, so that they can be shared with those you love.

John Lashbrook, CEO

Allow Us to Pass On Your Emotional Valuables.