Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legacy Lantern?

Legacy Lantern stores, protects, and most importantly DELIVERS your digital memories and messages to friends and family in the future with digital time capsules. As often as you want, as many as you want, to as many people as you want, securely and precisely when you want.

Legacy Lantern provides tools to leave behind emotional valuables: Memories, Advice, and Experiences. Loved ones will think of you after you’re gone. Leave messages for the days they will miss you the most by capturing your thoughts and leaving them in your digital time capsules. We make sure your messages are delivered when they need to hear it. Don’t leave without saying goodbye.

What features are offered?

Guided Interview questions. We all have something to say to someone but occasionally we don’t know where to start. Our guided interviews give you just enough structure to help you find your voice on many topics.

Date&Time-based digital Time Capsules enable you to unlock digitally recorded videos, pictures, audio, etc. to friends and family whenever you want. These memories and time capsules are protected in the cloud and unlock only to the people you want to have them.  The people you assign to a time capsule will receive a message (phone text and email) when it unlocks. Only they can see the contents of the time capsule you created for them. They can save the contents to their devices to carry your message with them.  If friends & family accidently lose them, they can come back to the time capsule and resave them again!

Memory Saver gives you a safe protected space to store your memories as you create and collect them. Sort and organize them, give them clear fun titles and add detailed descriptions to all of them. Add an audio track to describe the pictures.  Can you imagine the feeling of hearing a lost loved one’s voice tell a story about something you only vaguely remember? Be that voice now.

You can also use the memory saver as a video or audio journal of your current personal journey…  Capture your challenges and successes as they occur then pick and choose what you want to share.  Your family wants to know your story from your perspective and no detail is to small to share.

COMING SOON: Location-based digital Time Capsules can be set to unlock when your loved ones travel to a specific location you select. Whether it be the exact spot in front of the beautiful water fountain where you were married, or the first house they grew up in, your memories can be preserved and re-lived.

How do I use Legacy Lantern?

Legacy Lantern is an online service. There is nothing to download. Just create a free account and start preserving your stories. From there, upload digital files (pictures, videos, documents, audio, etc.) to your private content area in the cloud. Then add the content to digital time capsules and set a release date, event, or place for the capsules to unlock to friends & family.

This isn’t social media, it’s private media… personal media.
How will recipients be notified a time capsule has unlocked for them?

Once a time capsule unlocks, the system will automatically send a text to the confirmed phone number and send an email notification to the confirmed email address for each of the recipients.

Time capsule notifications are unique to each separate capsule. No one will know who else has received the same time capsule, ensuring privacy for all. Your memories will only go to the people you want, when you want.

How much does Legacy Lantern cost?


First, it doesn’t matter how many time capsules you make or how many years they are set to open in the future, the price is the same. It doesn’t matter how many pictures or videos you have in your Legacy Lantern account or how many contacts are going to get time capsules, the price is the same.

Second, you are only paying for creation time.  Creation time means the time it takes you to upload all the memories you want to share, put them into all the time capsules you want, create contacts, and set unlock dates.  Once you decide you don’t want to make any additional time capsules you don’t need any more creation time. We will store and deliver them for free up to twenty years in the future.

Finally, there are three creation-time pricing options based on your individual needs:

$39/month. This is the perfect option for people that have most things together and just need to save their memories into Legacy Lantern and create their time capsules. You can start and stop your creation time whenever you want to add more memories, time capsules, and contacts.

$348/year. ($29/month value). This is a great no-stress option for people that don’t want to rush creating time capsules.  Make videos at your convenience on your own or use our guided interview questions as inspiration.  Sort through the boxes of nostalgia in the garage, collect pictures, videos and other memories from friends & family then save them in Legacy Lantern refining your time capsule with the perfect memories and stories.

$999/20years. ($4.17/month value). Capture the past, create your most important messages, and chronicle your ongoing life as it happens with this option. This is for people that want to create time capsules throughout their life for friends and family.

For parents who want to record their child’s first bicycle ride and immediately locks it in a time capsule that will be released when the child gets their first driver’s license. To look back on the road, you and your entire family have journeyed down and pass those experiences, lessons learned, and laughter forward.

Don’t wait to start securing your emotional valuables.