Emotional valuables exist and are at risk of being lost forever

Legacy Lantern protects and delivers your emotional valuables.

Protect and Safeguard Your Emotional Values

Our digital audio and video time capsules live safely and securely in the cloud. Learn more about how they work in less than 2-minutes with our explainer video.

Pass Along Your Knowledge

Legacy Lantern lets you create digital time capsules stored safely in the cloud to be delivered automatically to whoever you want, when you want, up to 20 years into the future.

Create meaningful memory experiences composed of video, digital photos, and even digital documents. 

Pay only for the time it takes to create the time capsules. We store and deliver them for free.

Deliver When it Means the Most

Your time capsules can be delivered on special dates, like birthdays or meaningful holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas; when important life events occur such as marriages, the birth of a grandchild, or graduation; or even at a certain location such as where you proposed to your spouse.

Private Media, Not Social Media

How you use Legacy Lantern is entirely up to you. It isn’t social media, it’s private media; it’s personal media. This is a safe place to add your most private stories and acknowledge both trials and triumphs. It’s a loving and lasting way to leave a true emotional legacy after you’re gone.

Protect Your Emotional Valuables in 3 Easy Steps