These special features help you make the most of your digital time capsules!
“Where do I start?”
Try our guided interview questions!

We all have something to say to someone but occasionally we don’t know where to start. Our guided interview suggestions give you just enough structure to help you start telling your story.

Date & Time-based Digital Delivery

Our Capsules enable you to schedule your stories to be unlocked for your specific loved ones whenever you want in the future. Our secure software lets you control who sees your stories and when they get to see it.

Memory Saver

Effortlessly record and save audio and video directly to your time capsule without using any additional software. Tell your stories, share your memories, or leave words of wisdom… all within our our Memory Saver!

Location-based digital Time Capsules

Unlock and deliver your memories when your loved ones travel to a specific location that you select. This feature can add a very “real life” experience to your time capsule memories.

It’s This Easy…

Step 1. Create a digital time capsule
Step 2. Save your stories, images and videos
Step 3. Schedule delivery to your loved ones


Leave nothing unsaid with Legacy Lantern’s Time Capsules.