Simple and Accessible Memory Preservation

Easily organize and share all your favorite memories through your own digital vault.

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Share Your Stories

Legacy Lantern is an online platform designed to help you organize the most important memories to share with family and friends.

Your stories are great ways to reminisce on years of birthday parties, share photos of your favorite vacation, listen to your Uncle’s hilarious voicemails, and even share your grandma’s famous blueberry pie recipe with your daughter on her wedding day.

Our process is simple, intuitive, and built for people of all ages to use. Just add memories!

Want to see it in action for yourself?

Seamless Navigation

Your Legacy Lantern dashboard provides you with access to all our features, including Memories, Contacts, Capsules, Received Capsules, and Guided Interviews.


See how you can be up and running in only three minutes! Check out our video walkthrough of a sample dashboard!

Package Information

Only pay for the amount of time you need to create and share your memories.

Try it free for the first 2 months, no credit card required.

How does Legacy Lantern work?

Upload Your Memories

Gather your digital media such as photos, videos, letters, voicemails, recipes, and anything else you’d like. Then simply upload the files, or “Memories”, to your online vault.



Organize Into Stories

Categorize your media into groups, or “Stories”, so you can easily view and share your best memories from each event.




Create Capsules

Pick your favorite Stories to be put into an album, or “Capsule”,  then share with who you want at the time of your choosing.



Lock It Away

All your Capsules will be securely saved in your online vault and can be accessed at any time. 



Want to see it in action for yourself?